Decontamination & Site Cleanup

Decontamination & Site Cleanup

Oil industries and other human activities such as agriculture and mining all contaminate the planet Earth. For over 25 years, we are proud to have contributed to the decontamination of our soil.

• Turn-key service for cleanup of industrial and commercial sites;
• Fast, professional service – we take customer satisfaction to heart;
• As leaders in our field, we assure complet project management;
• We dispose of toxic waste in sites provided for that purpose.

Our Expertise

Our work consists of decontaminating ground that has been polluted by industrial or commercial activity, or by any other incident that may cause danger or damage to humans or building structures.

We take samples for analysis following strict norms. We can even excavate the ground beneath your building without destroying your basement when ground contamination has spread to that area. It goes without saying that we dispose of all toxic waste in locations provided for that purpose.

Our Equipment

Our modern equipment and proven techniques in decontamination and site cleanup permits us to guarantee a job well done and on time with your schedule.

• Modern, specialized equipment
• Proven expertise
• Safe transport of harzardous waste
• Possible storage of contaminated material (dry and semi-dry)
• Specialized laboratoires mandated for analysis and decontamination