Demolition & Dismantling

Demolition & Dismantling

Whether you wish to rebuild or demolish buildings, or your business requires extensive demolition or dismantling work, we can give you the support you need.

• Demolition of commercial or office buildings, industrial installations and more;
• Fast, professional service – we take our customer satisfaction to heart;
• Competent personnel and cutting-edge equipment;
• Competitive prices and unparalleled expertise.

Our Expertise

For over 25 years we have offered turn-key service in the demolition and dismantling of commercial, industrial and institutional structures. We undertake partial or complete demolition of structures in various industrial and commercial fields such as mining, rail, shipping, airport, oil, pulp and paper and many more.

With constant and rapid advancements in manufacturing technologies, our clients often need help in refitting their equipment and buildings. Our expertise and outstanding service make us a leader in our field.

Our Equipment

Our modern equipment and proven techniques in decontamination and site cleanup permits us to guarantee a job well done and on time with your schedule.

• Modern, specialized equipment
• Accredited expertise
• Service above and beyond what is required
• Regular acquisition of health and safety training
• Safe transport of harzardous waste